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A bespoke private in-person instructional program for individuals who want to learn how to dress for their own unique body-shape and individualistic make up.

What you get

  • A 2-hour intensive in-person workshop to apply the personal design framework
  • 3 – 45-minute execution check-ins to deep dive on 3 topics of your choice and QA
  • Customized PDA Profile – tools, resources and templates designed for your personal use to support you after our time together.
  • Starter kit full of goodies to support your cleansing process
  • Duration: 60 days

What you’ll learn

Learn how to shop smarter and more sustainably by understanding exactly what suits you, based on technical principles of design.

  • You’ll finally crack the code of why certain pieces just ‘work’ for you, and others never do.
  • You’ll be able to quickly scan racks of clothing to zone in one the exact pieces that will flatter your body, face shape and features.
  • You’ll be able to create outfits from your existing closet with the technical skills of a stylist, using shape, proportion, color and pattern principles to look fabulous every time.

You CAN nail your outfits and new purchases every, single time. You just need to know the ‘science’ behind it.

Results from this program

  • How you shop will be aligned to how you would like to be perceived by your different audiences
  • Learn which garments flatter your specific silhouette by knowing your body shape, proportions, texture, scale and personality traits
  • Formulate outfits that highlight and camouflage distinctive features with styling tricks
  • Discover the power and psychology of color
  • Understand how to use color as a tool in the workplace and other situations.
  • Assemble outfits that work with your individual features using textiles, prints and designs.
  • Speak the language of a tailor and share tailoring requests that will refine and level-up your look
  • Distinguish ensembles that work for your individualist features.


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I grew up as a child of immigrants and have spent my life in both Baltimore and Seattle. Both of my parents are from Pakistan, giving me the experience of growing up immersed in Pakistani culture but also living in a very Western world.

I had the benefit of being surrounded by clothes that were not only rich in color, but always the perfect fit.


In Pakistani culture, the process of getting dressed is incredibly personalized. You don’t just go shopping – you go to the bazaar (marketplace) and purchase beautiful, unique textiles that you take to the family tailor, resulting in clothes that are not only unique, but the perfect fit.

The experience of going to the bazaar and having a rich and personalized clothing experience was quite different than buying clothes at department stores or the mall, which I frequently did. As I got more into fashion as a teen, I was a bit dismayed to learn that the whole “Small/Medium/Large” sizing structure was not very customizable.

Luckily, I quickly discovered that I could apply the tailoring tricks that I learned growing up in Pakistani culture to a Western wardrobe. There are so many ways to make clothes flatter your body when you know your individualistic traits and some tailoring pointers.

I am also greatly influenced by the colors of Pakistani clothes growing up, although, if you asked me my favorite color, I wouldn’t be able to choose, because I love them all so much!

Color carries so much meaning and can instantly influence how we look and feel, and I love helping my clients experience that. Though it’s true that not everyone loves a fire-engine red, I can assure you that everyone has a shade of red that they look good in.

I am a Certified Level One Essential Stylist with StyleCore and have been mentored by Carla Mathis, who is one of the world’s most prestigious Master Image Consultants. I have also completed basic certifications with School of Style, International Style Institute and am also a Certified Color Consultant and Certified Wardrobe Stylist with Fashion Style Institute.


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